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Mr. Eisenberg has managed complex market-analysis and policy-analysis studies for utilities, regulators, municipalities, and product manufacturers in the U.S. and worldwide. Areas of expertise: Energy efficiency program evaluation, trends in facility management, market characterization studies, electric resource modeling, and climate policy. 

Recent Project Experience

Arkansas Public Utilities Commission (2012-present): Member of Statewide Independent Evaluation Monitor (IEM) convening, leading, and moderating the state working group (“Parties Working Collaboratively”), which consists of 60+ stakeholders, to first establish EM&V guidelines and then implement and improve the quality of evaluation of gas and electric utility energy efficiency programs across Arkansas. Johnson Consulting Group is the lead consultant, who along with Eisenberg Energy wrote the protocols first adopted by the state for EM&V in 2012 and have since acted as Statewide IEM. 

California CPUC (2009 – present): Member of IE (independent evaluator) team, providing guidance and independent monitoring for procurement of new supply-side resources at PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E. Our team oversees every step of procurement, from structuring the solicitations and publishing the initial RFPs to short-listing bids, negotiating terms, and making final project selections. Our team evaluates and models each bid in parallel with the utilities, monitors each negotiation with counter-parties, and provides a third-party certification that the solicitation was done correctly.

The Trane Corporation: Managed global study of facility management trends and the brand perceptions, energy goals, equipment needs, and purchasing preferences of major customer groups in 18 countries; studied overall macro-economic indicators and industry trends, HVAC contractor markets and relationships, and HVAC/building equipment needs in numerous sectors (office buildings, healthcare, manufacturing, lodging, pharmaceutical, education, etc.). With E Source, Inc.

Missouri Public Service Commission: Part of EM&V Evaluation team advising on EM&V and program implementation in the state. With Johnson Consulting Group.

NYSERDA: Defined best-practices and developed the Statewide Protocols for process evaluation of utility energy efficiency programs, which were adopted by the State of New York. For NYSERDA, completed with Johnson Consulting Group. 

Chevron-Texaco: Managed study of global fuel-cell market trends; team conducted in-country research in Asia, Europe and North America, studying regional energy costs, local restraints, facility needs, and contingency plans across numerous sectors (industrial, healthcare, lodging, commercial, etc.), assessing market landscapes for on-site generation combined with thermal power from stationary fuel-cell technologies. With E Source, Inc.

City of Boulder, Colorado: Conducted major energy benchmarking study for the City of Boulder. Analyzed baseline historical and forecasted electricity rates, energy costs and cost structures, portfolio fuel mix, total emissions, investments in energy efficiency, distributed generation and renewable energy, savings targets and carbon goals, cost-benefit ratios, etc.,  compared to 12 comparison cities of similar size in the U.S. With First Tracks Consulting.

City of Springfield Utilities: Completed extensive process evaluation and benchmarking analysis against 12 other municipal utilities across a broad range of metrics, including energy rates, customer base, load growth, energy efficiency programs (costs, achievements, percentage of revenue, percentage of sales, etc.). With Johnson Consulting Group. 


Colorado Governor’s Energy Office: Estimated size of energy efficiency potential in commercial buildings in the state of Colorado; characterize building stock, utility efficiency goals and ESCO markets; provide recommendations to the GEO on best opportunities for energy efficiency. With Johnson Consulting Group.

New Jersey Board of Public Utilities: As part of an Evaluation Team, analyzed success/failure factors in New Jersey’s Customer-Owned Renewable Energy (CORE) program, the program through which New Jersey utilities provide incentives for and promote customer-owned generation (or distributed generation). It was the second largest state-mandated renewable energy program in the U.S. With Cadmus Consulting.

Multiple (80+) U.S. Utilities (2003 to present): Worked on Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) teams that provide independent program evaluation of utility-operated, energy efficiency programs designed to transform residential, commercial and industrial markets. Collected and analyzed data to measure program impacts and to estimate actual market transformation influence; clients include Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, NYSERDA, PacifiCorp, Xcel Energy, Bonneville Power Administration, Utah Power & Light, Commonwealth Edison, etc.

Mitsubishi Corporation: Provided lengthy analysis of policy and market trends in the U.S. photovoltaics (PV) sector for multi-national firm ( entering the market; special emphasis on purchased power agreements (PPAs), financing options, public versus private customers, and strengths/weaknesses and positioning of the top 30 firms in the PV retail sector.


• President, Eisenberg Energy, Boulder, CO, 2003-present (

• Senior Energy Consultant, E Source, Boulder, CO, 1996-2003 (

• Energy Policy Analyst, Land and Water Fund of the Rockies, Boulder, CO, 1992-1995 (



• Boston University, M.A., Energy Policy and Economics, Center for Energy and Environmental Studies, (awarded Presidential Graduate Fellowship), 1992

• University of California, Santa Cruz, B.A., History, 1989

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