About Us

Eisenberg Energy provides strategic advice and targeted research services across a broad range of content areas within the energy sector, from power generation to end-use technologies.  Working with a network of associates, our areas of expertise include:


  • Renewable Energy Generation: Project feasibility and economics, policy and market drivers, grid integration issues, distributed generation, customer-owned generation, and system and environmental costs-benefits.

  • Conventional Energy Generation: Gas versus coal economics, electric utility solicitations for new resources, utility resource planning, environmental impact management.

  • Energy Efficiency: Utility energy efficiency program evaluation, measurement and evaluation (EM&V), customer awareness, market research, protocols and best practices.

  • Climate Management: Emissions modeling, state/federal and global greenhouse gas policy, carbon markets, and potential impacts of climate disruption on local and vulnerable populations, adaptation strategies.

  • Corporate Energy Strategies: Corporate facility and energy management practices, global market trends in commercial buildings, market size, sustainability metrics/goals.

Gregg Eisenberg was awarded a Presidential Graduate Fellowship from Boston University where he earned an M.A. in Energy Policy and Economics at the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies. He then worked in the Energy Group at the Land and Water Fund (now Western Resources Advocates – www.westernresourceadvocates.org), a leading energy and law center based in Boulder, Colorado, where he focused on electric utility resource and policy issues in a six-state region in the U.S. West. He then worked in the consulting division of E Source, Inc. (www.esource.com), one of the leading energy information companies in the world, also based in Colorado, where he analyzed market and technology trends for multiple client types in the U.S. and around the world.  

From 2003-2011, Mr. Eisenberg was president of Iron Mountain Consulting, Inc., which provided technical research services on utility energy efficiency programs, renewable energy markets, new power generation, corporate energy strategies, climate change mitigation, and a host of related topics. In 2012, he founded Eisenberg Energy. 


Mr. Eisenberg served as co-Chair of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Association of Energy Service Professionals. He has presented papers at numerous energy conferences and has been interviewed by The New York Times, Philadelphia Business Journal, Facilities Management, Energy Conservation News, Power Executive, Hotel and Motel Management, Florida Business Journal, Hotels Magazine, and others.

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